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Dog Training Services

All pet dog and gundog training Services

Dog obedience group courses and private 1 to 1 classes. 

My focus is to create value and effective dog training for you and your dog.

Do you have specific, challenges needs, or requirements? Please reach out to me, I am flexible, and I aim to provide only relevant and valuable dog training sessions, which are a cornerstone in Dogitivity's services.

I offer the following options:

  • One to one dog training.

  • Dog training group classes.

  • Intensive 3-month dog training courses for puppy and adolescent dog.

  • And bespoke dog training tailored to you.

Are you ready to book, or do you have any questions regarding my dog training services? I am always happy to chat about your dog training journey, book a 15 minutes free call today.

Flexible Dog Training Surrey.


My goal is for you and your dog to succeed, to enhance your partnership, and make sure that your pup is welcome everywhere. When you choose Dogitivity, I commit to providing you with a lifetime of support. I will check in with you, make bespoke dog training plans, and always be ready to answer any questions you might have regarding your dog training journey, your dog's behavioral challenges, or the behaviors you wish to brush up on.


Choose either 1 to 1 training, a group class, or a combination. My method applies the newest, science-based approach to training, rooted in mutual respect and cooperation between the owner and the dog, in the dog's home atmosphere—where harmony between dog and owner is achievable.

Our stress-free in-home, and online dog training improves the lives of dogs, their owners, and their relationship. 


How to choose the right person for working through dog training related issues with your dog? I graduated from the Karen Pryor Academy and have additionally qualified as a professional puppy trainer. I am continuing my learning to become the best dog trainer for you and your dog (gun dog instructor, dog parkour instructor). 


I am accredited through ABTC (Animal Behavior Training Council). As an Animal training instructor, I commit to:


"ABTC Practitioners must use science-led, compassionate and non-punitive methods. Training and Behaviour programmes must not be based on Positive Punishment or the creation of anxiety or fear."



Are you looking for ethical and professional dog training? Look no further. Reach out today. 

For more information on pet gundog training, read here

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