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We are Getting a Puppy - What do we need?

vizla puppy

Puppy food

High-quality puppy food is an excellent investment in your dog’s health. Several of the dreaded bone disorders are associated with deficient nutrition. Initially, I recommend that you continue using the same food as the puppy breeder. Later you can consider if there are better alternatives out there. Essential, Acana and Orijen are some of my favourite brands. Take a look at for independent dog food reviews. 



Puppy Collar

Your puppy grows, and until it is fully grown, I suggest you choose a cheap model. We should ONLY use a collar for nametag attachment. A puppy learning to walk on a leash must, in my best belief, be in a harness that is much safer than a collar. 

Dog Harness

When you buy a harness for your puppy, you must find one that does not inhibit your puppy's movements, and again be aware that your puppy is growing and that the harness does not last forever. I suggest an adjustable Y- Shaped Roman-style harness.

black labrador Retriever

Dog Lead

I recommend 120-150cm for the city walk, avoid cheap nylon, as it is very hard on your hands. Personally, I love the Mendota leads;  absolutely the beast puppy lead with a high-quality brass carabiner, they are light and soft in hand. I prefer to give the puppy as much freedom as possible in the woods and open areas, where I use a light biothane dog training lead.

Puppy Crate or Playpen

When you aren’t available to supervise your puppy or when you practice “alone home training,” a puppy crate or a playpen is a very safe space. Make sure to provide your puppy with a bed, toys, a potty area, plenty of space, and fresh drinking water. Make sure to buy the dog crate size that is right for your adult dog.

Puppy Bed

It is important that you choose the correct size puppy bed. small enough to feel protected and big enough for a leg stretch. A good mattress sufficiently padded and a washable dog bed is preferable; as your puppy grows and might like to chew on the fabric consider buying an affordable bed that you can change as your puppy grows. 

Dog Treat Pouch

There are many dog treat bags on the market, and believe me; I have tried most; the one that I always go back to is Doggone Good as it is easy to clean, has a magnetic closure, and is ergonomic. New alternatives are silicone treat bags with magnetic closure, which are very easy to clean.

Dog Treats 

Our dogs often prefer homemade puppy treats, but treats like freeze-dried beef liver treats are usually a winner if you are in a hurry. Experiment and learn what type of treats your dog likes, and remember to consider what kind of training you are doing and what environment. I mainly choose soft treats of pea size and high quality for regular training. If we are going to the vet or working in a challenging environment, I will bring fresh meat, cheese, or homemade liver cake.


No doubt, the clicker is one of the essential tools in reward-based training. I use two kinds of clickers. A box clicker with a loud click for training outdoors and the more subtle I-Clik for indoor use.


Dog toys

I don’t use dog food bowls for my dogs; instead, I use interactive feeding toys. My absolute favourite is a puppy Kong, and I always store frozen stuffed Puppy Kongs in the freezer. Bob-a-lot is another of my favourite choices for keeping my pups entertained. Not so long ago, I wrote a blog post about how you can keep your dog busy and enriched by spending only 5 minutes a day; read more. Prevent your puppy from chewing on shoes and furniture by making sure you have plenty of chewable puppy toys in stock. Forget about Nylabones and rubber toys in general. Instead, use stuffed puppy friendly soft toys and natural chews.






Ear cleaner, toothbrush, shampoo, and nail clipper. The best nail clipper on the market is Millers Forge; it is cheap, practical, and handy.


Puppy Pee Cleaning spray 

For removing urine, if your puppy has an accident on the floor, you must remove all traces from the urine; use a specific enzyme spray that eliminates bacteria and odours.

What's on Your Mind?

Are you looking for specific dog training-related information, or do you have a story that you would like to share? The Dogitivity blog can, with your help, be a place where we can share our experiences, our stories also the tougher ones and get answers to our questions. Please reach out to me. I am always happy to discuss.


Are you a fellow dog trainer or dog professional? I am interested in sharing your dog training blogs. Are you specialized in working through specific dog behavior: Separation anxiety, aggression, arousal, anxiety, rehomed dogs? Or certain dog breeds: Alsations, gun dogs, or guide dogs. Are you competing in any specific dog sport, or do you have an interesting story you would like to share? Please don't hesitate, reach out today. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Happy training

Christina x

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