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At Dogitivity, we strive to enhance the quality of life for dogs and their owners. Our approach is founded on respect for dogs and a belief that meeting their needs and establishing clear communication lays a solid groundwork for teaching them desirable behaviours. As your Surrey-based dog training partner, we work tirelessly to make a significant difference in your life and that of your furry friend. We're continually seeking ways to improve our services and never stop learning about the latest dog training science to provide you with the best possible experience. We value feedback and are receptive to any suggestions you may have.

Christina Bluhme

aim to expose the incredible potential and abilities of gundogs to their guardians, to help humans better understand and develop stronger bonds with their gundogs.


I am passionate about ethically achieving the best possible results by revolutionizing gundog training methods and applying the latest science and rewardbased training methods without force or fear. I apply breed-specific techniques using a fun and game-based approach.


My experience goes more than 25 years back, and my fascination with gundog breeds has grown stronger. I have pursued learning from the best trainers worldwide and am certified as a Karen Pryor Certified trainer, gundog instructor and registered with the ATBC. 


Today, I run Dogitivity, a dog training business located in the UK. Every day, I enjoy working with incredible learners - those with two legs and four.



Diploma Level 4, Canine Training and Behaviour Management, Animal Courses Direct.

Gundog Instructor by Sanne Amminitsboell.

Canine Parkour Instructor by Dog Parkour, UK.

Diploma Level 2 & 3, Canine Training and Behaviour Management, Animal Courses Direct.

Registered Animal Training Instructor, ABTC.

Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner.


Dog Trainer, Surrey

Dog Training Certifications and Accreditations

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