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Your Positive Dog Trainer Surrey


Welcome to Dogitivity, where we're committed to providing top-quality gundog training services right here in Surrey. At Dogitivity, our primary goal is to improve the overall well-being of both dogs and their owners. As experienced gundog trainers, we focus on building a strong, respectful relationship between you and your canine companion through effective training, clear communication and understanding.

Nestled in the heart of Surrey, Dogitivity serves as your reliable partner for gundog training. Our approach centers on acknowledging and meeting the essential needs of dogs, creating a foundation for cultivating desirable behaviors. A well-trained gundog not only brings joy but also becomes a dependable companion during your outdoor activities.

As Surrey's go-to gundog training facility, we diligently work to make a positive impact on your life and that of your canine companion. Staying updated with the latest developments in dog training science is our commitment to ensuring you receive the best possible training experience.

At Dogitivity, we go beyond being your gundog trainer; we aim to be your collaborator in fostering a positive and fulfilling life for your canine family member. Continual improvement is our ethos, and we actively explore innovative approaches to enhance our services, always adapting to the evolving needs of our clients.

We value your input and welcome any suggestions you may have. Our dedication to excellence extends beyond training sessions, with a continuous focus on refining our practices to meet and exceed your expectations. Join Dogitivity on this journey towards establishing a harmonious relationship with your gundog against the backdrop of Surrey's serene landscapes.

Christina Bluhme, the driving force behind Dogitivity!


My mission is to uncover gundogs' remarkable potential and abilities, fostering a deeper understanding and stronger bond between these incredible animals and their guardians.

My passion lies in achieving the best possible results through ethical gundog training methods. I am dedicated to revolutionizing traditional approaches, integrating the latest science and reward-based techniques without resorting to force or fear. Employing breed-specific methods, I make learning a joyful experience through a fun and game-based approach.

With over 25 years of experience, my fascination with gundog breeds has only grown stronger. I've honed my skills by learning from the world's best trainers and proudly hold certifications as a Karen Pryor Certified trainer, gundog instructor, and registration with the ATBC. Continuous education is a priority for me, ensuring that I stay at the forefront of industry advancements to provide you and your canine partner with the best dog training opportunities.

As the founder of Dogitivity, a prominent dog training business in the UK, I enjoy working with incredible learners, both with two legs and four.



- Diploma Level 4, Canine Training and Behaviour Management, Animal Courses Direct.
- Gundog Instructor by Sanne Amminitsboell.
- Canine Parkour Instructor by Dog Parkour, UK.
- Diploma Level 2 & 3, Canine Training and Behaviour Management, Animal Courses Direct.
- Registered Animal Training Instructor, ABTC.
- Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner.

Join me on this journey at Dogitivity, where we strive to enhance the lives of gundogs and their owners through positive, effective, and enjoyable training methods.

Dog Trainer, Surrey

Dog Training Certifications and Accreditations

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dog training course certificate
certification dog training course
dog parkour instuctor diploma, Christina Bluhme
ABTC ATI accreditation
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