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Please give me as much information as possible about your dog and situation so I can give you the best dog training advice possible.

I'll be in contact with you as soon as I will only use your details to contact you about this. 


Dog obedience group courses and private 1 to 1 classes.


My focus is to create value and effective dog training for you and your dog.

Do you have specific, challenges needs, or requirements? Please reach out to me, I am flexible, and I aim to provide only relevant and valuable dog training sessions, which are a cornerstone in Dogitivity's services.

I offer the following options:

  • One to one dog training.

  • Dog training group classes.

  • Intensive 3-month dog training courses for puppy and adolescent dogs.

  • And bespoke dog training tailored to you.

Are you ready to book, or do you have any questions regarding my dog training services? I am always happy to chat about your dog training journey, book a 15 minutes free call today.

Your Positive Dog Trainer Surrey

My Background in Dog Training



Hi, my name is Christina Bluhme, professional dog trainer, founder of Dogitivity and lifelong dog-lover.

I grew up surrounded by dogs animals in the countryside of Denmark. When I turned 14 years old, I got my first  Working Labrador, and that's where my dog training journey started.

From a very early age, I learned that training based on fear and discipline, while sometimes effective, was not the morally correct or lifelong approach to dog training. I knew there had to be a better way—so I sought it out myself.

I knew that education was crucial, and I am today an RPTM Dog Behavior Instructor, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, and Certified Karen Pryor Dog Training Partner accredited through the ABTC (Animal Behavior Training Counsel). Through my dog training education, my beliefs were validated pressure, pain, and fear have no place in modern ethical dog training. It is possible to create mutual respect and harmony between dogs and their humans with the power of Positive Reinforcement Dog Training. 


I run Dogitivity Positive Puppy And Dog Training Surrey, where I offer a one to one dog training, dog training group classes and intensive dog training classes in Surrey. My method is based on Clicker training, positive reinforcement training, stress and fear-free handling.

The Dogitivity method applies the newest, science-based approaches to training, rooted in mutual respect and cooperation between the owner and the dog, in the dog’s home atmosphere—where harmony between dog and owner is achievable. 

My expertise is puppy training, where I help families get the very best start with their new puppy. Adolescent dog training, where I support families through the challenging period of teenagehood (aggression, dog to dog interaction, off-lead training, recall, loose lead walk). Rehomed dog training helps families integrate their newly adopted dogs into their families. 

My dog training group classes mainly target the pet dog, where we work on the very important foundation behaviours, loose lead walk, stationing, and recall. The group classes are very effective as you can practice real-life behaviours in a controlled environment with lots of distractions. 

​My dog training services are available throughout Surrey, focusing on dog training in Cobham and Leatherhead.

​Privately I share my life with my three children, husband and our wonderful young Labrador. Tokyo is 1.5 years old and is my running partner demo dog and partner in dog sports. Tokyo is clicker trained, and her training has been reward-based. I love participating in dog sports, and I am very involved in scent training, gun dog training and dog parkour.


Dogitivity's vision is to improve the lives of dogs and their humans. With the vision comes respect for dogs and a strong belief that if we fully fill our dogs' needs and clearly communicate our expectations, we create the best foundation for teaching our dogs new desirable behaviours. 

I am working very hard to make a big difference in your life with your dog and be your preferred dog training partner in Surrey. I am always looking for ways to improve Dogitivity, and my Dog training journey will never end. I will strive to provide you with the best dog training in Surrey and continue educating myself on the newest dog training science. 

I will always receive feedback gratefully with an open mind. 

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