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In-person, 1:1 Sessions

1 Hour Session

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Service Description

An hour of intensive dog training for you and your dog, conducted in the comfort of your home with a certified professional dog trainer who will provide you with an easy to follow training plan. A single session is for you who wants to curb any potential problem behaviour your dog displays. Or if you would like to retrain an already taught behaviour: loose leash, heel, retrieve, recall, settle on a mat, crate training, stay, position and whistle training. You can think of one session, one to one dog training, as a light session. I strive to apply the newest, science-based approach to dog training, rooted in mutual respect and cooperation between the owner and the dog. You achieve the best results by initially doing dog training at home, where your dog feels safe, and the new behaviours are needed. My mission is with stress-free in-home dog training to improve the lives of dogs and owners. For more severe behaviour challenges: aggression towards strangers, aggression towards dogs, problem barking, resource guarding or fear related issues. You will achieve better results with bespoke intensive dog training packages. Reach out to me, and let us discuss how I can provide you with the most effective approach and best results. My focus is to create value and effective dog training for you and your dog. Do you have specific, challenges needs, or requirements? Please reach out to me, I am flexible, and I aim to provide only relevant and valuable dog training sessions, which are a cornerstone in Dogitivity's services. My goal is for you and your dog to succeed, to enhance your partnership, and make sure that your pup is welcome everywhere. When you choose Dogitivity, I commit to providing you with a lifetime of support. I will check in with you, make bespoke dog training plans, and always be ready to answer any questions you might have regarding your dog training journey, your dog's behavioral challenges, or the behaviors you wish to brush up on. Choose either 1 to 1 training, a group class, or a combination. Are you looking for ethical and professional dog trainer Look no further book to day. One to one dog training Cobham, Esher, Leatherhead and Oxshott area.

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Stoke D'Abernon, Cobham, UK

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