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Well-mannered Adolescent Dog

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3 x 1:1 in-home dog training sessions combined with full online support and extensive training library access. Teenagehood is a difficult age to manoeuvre. Remember how proud you were of your puppy's training results? How fast he learned to sit, lie down, and come? The signs of adolescence are hard to miss. Where did all of the skills go? Would you like a trainer in your pocket to guide you through your teenage dog's critical period? My young dog training programs offer you: Three bespoke dog training sessions in your home. A comprehensive online puppy training library (lifetime access) Unlimited support between sessions. A dog training plan especially designed for you. My support & advice throughout your life with your dog. My goal is for you and your dog to succeed, enhance your partnership, and ensure that your pup is welcome everywhere. When you choose Dogitivity, I commit to providing you with a lifetime of support. I will check in with you, make bespoke dog training plans, and always be ready to answer any questions you might have regarding your dog training journey, your dog's behavioural challenges, or the behaviours you wish to enhance. My method applies the newest, science-based approach to dog training, rooted in mutual respect and cooperation between the owner and the dog, in the dog's home atmosphere—where harmony between dog and owner is achievable. Do you have specific, challenges needs, or requirements? Please reach out to me, I am flexible, and I aim to provide only relevant and valuable dog training sessions, which are a cornerstone in Dogitivity's services. About your adolescent dog trainer: My name is Christina. I am a certified dog trainer with a wealth of experience helping families get through challenging teenagehood. I have lots of practical advice to make the transition phase as smooth as possible. I will make a bespoke adolescent dog training plan for you designed to match your family, routines and life in general. I will be with you every step of the way, always ready to support you. Are you ready to book, or do you have any questions, Don't hesitate to reach out to me at 07796511794! I love to chat about everything puppy related. I cover the following areas for adolescent dog training: Cobham, Leatherhead, and Surrey. Are you looking for ethical and professional dog training? Look no further. Reach out today. 

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Stoke D'Abernon, Cobham, UK

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