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Adolescent Dog Training Surrey

The signs of adolescence are hard to miss. Where did all of the skills go?

You will notice that your perfectly well-behaved puppy will have difficulty concentrating, that the behaviour towards other dogs will change and that the hearing will become selective.


It is a critical life stage, and your dog needs guidance in becoming a well-balanced and well-mannered adult. 

Our certified dog trainer will help you navigate and make the best of your dog’s teenagehood.


Well Mannered Adolescent Dog Program

One to One dog training

3 x 1-hour In-home puppy training

Unlimited support

A lifetime of library access

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Walk "N" Train

One To One Dog Training

60 Minutes training session in your favorite dog walking spot

When to start Teenage Dog training?

Around 7 months of age, you will start noticing slight changes in your teenage dog. The behaviours that you have previously successfully taught your puppy are falling apart, and it seems like your adolescent dog has gone deaf. You might also experience the appearance of new undesirable behaviours such as:

- Barking at visitors, barking at people and dogs passing by your home, barking at you. 

- Barging out the door

- Counter surfing

- Pulling On Lead

- Not Coming Back When Called

- Reactivity on the lead or in interaction/play with other off lead dogs.

- Humping

- Restlessness

What do we typically do in an in-home Dog training session?

Our priority is always to address your dog training wishes and needs. All dogs, families and expectations are different and with the 3 1 hour in-home dog training sessions, we can tailor the dog training to your needs.

Frequently we cover the following topics:

- Arousal in young dogs and how to teach calm behaviours and stimulus control

- Loose leash walk

- Your dog's engagement with you, attention to the handler and teamwork

- Dog to dog interactions, how to teach your dog calmness around dogs and people on a walk, safe dog play

- Basic Behaviour brush up

- Intro to clicker training for dogs

- Lead handling 

- Loose lead walking

- Recall training

- Recall training with a whistle 

- Effective training techniques for the frustrated or reactive dog.


Does Dogitivity run adolescent Dog group classes?

Yes, please check our schedule for attending a dog training class in Surrey.

How does the online Adolescent dog training support work?

We choose the communication platform of your preference, where we will communicate between sessions. I am always ready to support your dog training journey; you can ask any dog-related questions and ask for training feedback. 


We have questions about Dog training and how to approach challenging Behaviour; how do we best contact you? 

​I am delighted to chat; please book a call with me, and we can discuss the process, or I can help you answer any puppy questions you might have. Book a call.

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