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In-Person Gun Dog Training

For The Active Pet Dog

  • Dogitivity Training Field in Oxshott

Service Description

Does your dog have an intense desire to chase after squirrels, rabbits, joggers, and bikes? Have you attempted to regain control but had no luck? Or maybe you have a working breed and would like to allow them to do breed-specific work? Gundog training teaches our dogs self-control, control at a distance, whistle training, and basic obedience such as heel, retrieving, recall, and directional cues. At Dogitivity, we offer gundog training to all dogs that love to chase, hunt, and retrieve, emphasising retriever training. If you have an active pet dog, gundog training might be a good fit for you. This type of training uses rewards and games to strengthen your relationship with your dog, teach self-control, and build good behaviours. Some skills you can expect to learn include quick recall, walking obediently at your side, responding to whistle commands, retrieving objects, stopping on command from a distance, playing hunting games, and following directional cues.

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Oxshott, UK

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