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Puppy Training

Looking for the best start in life for your new puppy? Look no further than our Best Beginning Puppy Training Course. This comprehensive program includes three personalized one-on-one dog training sessions in the comfort of your home and full online support and advice. Our training covers everything from puppy biting, toilet training, home-alone training, and the foundation for core behaviours that will last for a lifetime. With our guidance, your puppy will become a happy and confident companion, well-equipped for any situation. Let's work together to give your puppy the best start possible!

puppy training

The Best Beginning
One To One Puppy Training

3 x 1-hour In-home puppy training

Unlimited support

A lifetime of library access

puppy lead training

Puppy Walk "N" Train
One To One Puppy Training

60 Minutes training session in your favourite dog walking spot

When to start puppy training?

- It is never too early to start puppy training. In fact, many families reach out to me even before they bring home their little new family member.

Before your puppy arrives, I can help you with:

- Finding the right breed

- Finding the right breeder

- The puppy contract

- Insurance

- Vet

- Microchip

- Are you looking for more information about getting the right puppy gear? This blog post might be helpful if you are just about to bring a new puppy home.

What do we typically do in an in-home puppy training session?

-The first puppy training session: Puppy toilet training, how to stop puppy biting, the importance of implementing a schedule, nightly routines, puppy separation anxiety, puppy home alone training, feeding and puppy socialization. 

-The second puppy training session: Introduction to clicker training, whistle training, crate training and basic in-home puppy training.  

-The third puppy training session: Introduction to greeting dogs and humans in a polite manner, recall training, off and on lead behaviours. 

You might enjoy this blog post if you look for more information on the most important behaviours to teach a puppy.

Does Dogitivity run puppy socialization group classes?

Yes, and No, all puppies are always invited to come and watch the older dogs doing the dog training group classes. Learning to be calm around other dogs is an essential life skill and being exposed to all types of dogs safely is crucial for the puppy socialization process. 

We have a growing supportive community - Puppy Social - where we arrange puppy meet-ups and playdates.

How does the online puppy training support work?

We choose the communication platform of your preference, where we will communicate between sessions. I am always ready to support your puppy training journey, you can ask any puppy related questions and ask for training feedback. 

We have questions about puppy training and getting a puppy; how do we best contact you? 

I am delighted to chat, please book a call with me,, and we can discuss the process,, or I can help you answer any puppy questions you might have. Book a call.

Most common puppy training challenges?

- Puppy toilet training

- Puppy chewing and biting

- Puppy home alone training

- Nightly routine

- Daily schedule

-Puppy socialization

-Puppy crate training.

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