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In Person Gundog Training

For The Active Pet Gun Dog

Does your dog have an intense desire to chase after squirrels, rabbits, joggers, and bikes? Have you attempted to regain control but had no luck? Or maybe you have a working breed and would like to allow them to do breed-specific work? Gundog training teaches our dogs self-control, control at a distance, whistle training, and basic obedience such as heel, retrieving, recall, and directional cues. At Dogitivity, we offer gundog training to all dogs that love to chase, hunt, and retrieve, emphasising retriever training. 1 hour 60 £. Areas covered: Esher, Leathead, Cobham, Oxshott.

gundog puppy

One on One Dog Training with Christina

Walk 'N' Train

Are you struggling with your dog's recall, socialization, or tendency to chase wildlife during walks? If so, you don't want to miss out on Walk 'N' Train from Dogitivity. In just 60 minutes, this training service will address on and off-leash behaviours using personalized reward strategies tailored to your dog's individual needs and motivations. With Christina as your dog trainer, you'll work together to create a customized program that equips you and your dog with the skills you need for a safer and more enjoyable walk experience. I highly recommend trying Walk 'N' Train! 1 hour 60 £. Areas covered: Esher, Leathead, Cobham, Oxshott.

Dog Trainer, Surrey

One on One Puppy Training with Christina

Walk 'N' Train

Are you ready to start taking your new puppy out? Let me walk with you. I will help you build strong off and on lead behaviours that will last a lifetime. I offer bespoke 60 minutes training walks with you and your puppy. I design the walks depending on the behaviour you like your puppy to learn: loose lead walking, off lead behaviours, recall, and polite greetings with people and dogs on walks. All puppies are different, and I promise you that I will plan our walks to fit your puppy's needs and capacity. I use reward-based dog training, my approach is ethical and effective, and my main goal is for your dog to have fun, stay safe, and reach our goals. Your puppy will love our Walk 'N' Train sessions, where you will see how your puppy's confidence and desirable behaviours grow from walk to walk. Our dog training sessions are exclusively for your puppy, and there will be no other canine company on the walks. We will provide you with GPS tracking, photos and videos of the training, and guidance to make it very easy to keep up with the training. You are, of course, also welcome to join on the walks:) My goal is for you and your dog to succeed, to enhance your partnership, and make sure that your pup is welcome everywhere. When you choose Dogitivity, I commit to providing you with a lifetime of support. I will always be ready to answer any questions you might have regarding your dog training journey, your dog's behavioural challenges, or the behaviours you wish to brush upon. My method applies the newest, science-based approach to dog training, rooted in mutual respect and cooperation between the owner and the dog, in the dog's home atmosphere—where harmony between dog and owner is achievable. When buying ten times Walk 'N' Train sessions, receive an additional discount. 1 hour 60 £. Areas covered: Esher, Leathead, Cobham, Oxshott.

walk _N_ train for dogs

Puppy Training Course

The Best Beginning

Looking for the best start in life for your new puppy? Look no further than our Best Beginning Puppy Training Course. This comprehensive program includes three personalized one-on-one dog training sessions in the comfort of your home and full online support and advice. Our training covers everything from puppy biting, toilet training, home-alone training, and the foundation for core behaviours that will last for a lifetime. With our guidance, your puppy will become a happy and confident companion, well-equipped for any situation. Let's work together to give your puppy the best start possible! Are you ready to book, or do you have any questions, Don't hesitate to reach out to me at 07796511794! I love to chat about everything puppy related. I cover the following areas for dog training Cobham, Leatherhead, and Surrey. full course 185 £.

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Adolescent Dog Training Course

Well Mannered Adolescent Dog Program

Teenagehood can be a difficult age to handle for your furry companion. Remember how proud you were of your puppy's training results? He learned to sit, lie down, and come so fast! The signs of adolescence are hard to miss, however, where did all of the skills go? Don't fret; I have a solution. If you're looking for a training program that can help you improve your adolescent dog's behaviour,  then look no further than our Well-Mannered Adolescent Dog Program. This personalized program includes three one-hour dog training sessions that take place in the comfort of your own home, along with comprehensive online support. Our program is designed to address the specific behaviours you'd like to curb, and with our guidance, you can expect your adolescent pup to grow into a well-mannered and obedient dog. Let's work together to ensure your furry companion has the skills they need to thrive! Full course £185.

Dog Training In Surrey

1 - 4 week residential gun dog training

Giving your pet gundog puppy a solid start

Does your dog constantly chase after squirrels, rabbits, joggers, or bikes? Are you struggling to regain control? Or perhaps you have a working breed and want to encourage their natural instincts? ​ Let's work together to create a personalized dog training plan that focuses on the behaviours you want your dog to learn or improve upon. ​ Our gundog training program emphasizes self-control, distance control, whistle training, and basic obedience commands like heel, retrieve, recall, and directional cues. We offer this training to all dogs with a passion for chasing, hunting, and retrieving, with a special emphasis on retriever training at Dogitivity.

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